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Looking at some of the most disruptive elements in business today, Jonathan examines the effects of social media and the collaborative (or sharing) economy. His work at shipping giant Maersk won acclaim and awards, taking social media to an industry reluctant to embrace its power to tell stories and share vital, up-to-the-minute information. Now he helps businesses understand the power of social media both positive and negative, as well as how companies from Uber to Kickstarter are changing the world.


Jonathan Wichmann is a social business and digital strategist specialising in the trade and business-to-business (B2B) market. He also advises organisations on the collaborative economy, looking at what it is, how it works, and the potential impacts on their operation. He is the co-founder of Orca Social, a member-based B2B consultancy, and of creative agency Wichmann/Schmidt. Prior to this he was the award-winning Head of Social at global logistics and shipping giant Maersk.

Having started out as a writer for Danish weekly, Weekendavisen, then working as a copywriter and developer for a digital agency in Copenhagen, Jonathan joined Maersk with a remit to oversee their nascent social media and business operation. One of the world's biggest companies, Maersk's dominance of the international shipping and container sector meant areas such as social media and knowledge sharing had gone largely unexplored. Jonathan's use of the company's long-held assets, as well as his use of social media to tell compelling stories was internationally applauded as a brilliant example of how traditional industries can engage with business customers and the wider public.

Since his time at Maersk, Jonathan has co-founded a member-based social media consultancy aimed at large B2B operations seeking to understand the power of social media in their sector, and as a tool for internal communication and engagement. He also leads a creative agency working on strategy, communication and media with a focus on the collaborative economy and how everything from crowd sourcing to companies like BlaBlaCar and Airbnb are changing how we live and work.

Jonathan looks at the latest disruptive businesses and the lessons they have for more established players. He examines the power of social media to spread a message (positive or negative) and connect customers to each other, how to deal with it, and the importance of social media in every aspect of an organisation. He also offers advice on how organisations can use digital and online platforms to grow, understand their customers, and prepare for the future.

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