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The New World of Work

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Consultant and writer on the future of the world of work, Graeme looks at what the next generation of employees will expect from their bosses, the skills they’ll have (and may not have), and how to lead an organisation in the new world.


Graeme Codrington is an expert on the new world of work and multigenerational workplaces. As a writer, speaker and consultant, he has helped companies and their leaderships prepare and motivate their workforces, and improve their strategy.

Combining business strategy with trends forecasting, Graeme outlines how individuals and groups work and live together and what it means for business. He studies the effects of key ‘disruptive influences’ in the workplace including technology, demography and social change.

With humour and insight Graeme can focus his presentations on the future of technology and the influence of social media, the expectations and attitudes of those just entering the job market, the ageing population, innovation, leadership and everything in between. He considers both the scale and nature of the changes and challenges ahead, and how to understand them. He looks at the leadership and the teams needed in the future, how to improve customer experience and marketing, and paints a picture of the new world of work. He has delivered his thoughts to some of the world’s biggest companies from all sectors including Accenture, Canon, BMW, BP, Coca Cola, DHL, Nestlé, O2 and many others.

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