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Wharton School Risk Management Centre

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Erwann heads the Risk Management Center at the world’s oldest business school, and chairs the OECD Advisory Board looking at financial management of large-scale catastrophes. Erwann believes that since disasters cannot always be prevented, organisations should understand the risks and create a strategy to deal with them. As in his Irrational Economist book, presentations draw on both behavioural economics and neuroscience to help protect company assets.


Dr Erwann Michel-Kerjan is an expert on managing the risks, financial impact and public policy challenges associated with large-scale catastrophic events. He runs the Risk Management Centre at The Wharton Business School, where he also teaches Value Creation. He advises governments and companies around the world on on large-scale risk, and heads the OECD Advisory Board on the Financial Management of Catastrophes.

In his best-selling book The Irrational Economist, Erwann argues that since disasters happen, organisations need to better understand the implicit and explicit risks and develop a strategy to deal with them. His presentations draw on behavioural economics, neuroscience and insurance to help protect company assets and strategy. He might also explain why the end of the world is unlikely to be foretold in Mayan prophecies.

Erwann’s work with the OECD means he jointly advices the finance minister of all thirty-four OECD countries. He has won much acclaim and many awards for his work on risk management covering areas from war to extreme weather, financial market crashes to natural disasters.

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