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Former COO, French World TV & Radio

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Christine is seen as the doyenne of French current affairs. After TV presenting, then running the news magazine L’Express, she became Deputy Head of the international service France 24. In speeches Christine explores how the market serves as a sounding board filling the vacuum left by weak leadership. With the second highest public spending in the Eurozone, will Hollande succeed in cutting the deficit? And after Greek tragedy, will Europe finally have catharsis?


Christine Ockrent is one of France’s best known journalists covering events at home and abroad, mainly in the political sphere. Along with her partner, the former French Foreign Minister and co-founder of Médecins Sans Frontières Bernard Kouchner, Christine holds a prominent role in French public life.

As the doyenne of current affairs reporters, Christine was known across the country as ‘La Reine.’ For years she has grilled leaders and charted a course through the complexities and dramas of French and European politics.

Christine began her career in broadcast journalism at the US network NBC, on the flagship 60 Minutes programme. Alongside various news and current affairs presenting roles, she has also served as Editor in Chief of L'Européen and the magazine L'Express, and Deputy Director General of TF1 Television. Away from the cameras she moved into the business side of the media become COO of France 24 and RFI (Radio France Internationale) - the equivalent of the BBC World Service.

As well as contributing columns for various newspapers across Europe, Christine has written eleven books - including The Double Life of Hillary Clinton, The Condition of Women and Women in Power: How They Govern.

Christine talks about Europe’s new frontiers, in particular Russia, and what she sees as ‘the Lisbon paradox’. Whilst this empowers nation states, there’s also a new layer of institutions including plans to establish EU embassies across the globe. She also examines the media and political climate in France and Europe.

In addition to her business and media work, Christine sits on the board of Reporters Sans Frontiéres, the Centre for European Reform and the International Crisis Group. She has been awarded the Prix Tézenas du Montcel, and the French Legion d'Honneur.

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