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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer & Investigative Reporter

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From Nixon to Trump, Bob has scrutinised, criticised and spoken to the key players in all of the White House administrations of the past four decades. Famous for breaking the Watergate scandal he now looks at how the effects of those events have resonated down the years, and considers where the Presidency is today.


Pulitzer Prize-winner and arguably one of the most famous print journalists of the last fifty years, Bob Woodward has written his place in the history of American politics and investigative reporting. As a young journalist with The Washington Post he and his colleague Carl Bernstein uncovered the Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration, incidents famously retold in their book All The President’s Men, as well as the film of the same title. Bob has since gone on to be one of the leading commentators on events behind the scenes in Washington.

Bob is the author of more US non-fiction bestsellers than any other contemporary American writer. He has written examinations of every Washington administration since Nixon, as well as on US foreign policy (particularly recent military interventions), the Supreme Court, the CIA, and the long-term effects of Watergate on subsequent presidencies. His look at the Trump White House, Fear, broke records and caused a particular stir, with his reports of a dysfunctional, directionless West Wing riven by rivalries both personal and political.

In his presentations, Bob discusses the historic Watergate scandal, his revelations from the infamous Deep Throat - former FBI operative Mark Felt - and the series of events that led to the unravelling of a presidency. He offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on the presidency, Congress, the Pentagon and the security services and casts a critical eye over current events, comparing them to the past, and asking what might happen on the domestic and international stages.

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