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Former Executive Editor, The Scotsman

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Bill is one of Scotland’s foremost commentators, and a former Telegraph Economics Editor. In speeches he examines both financial and constitutional problems surrounding Independence. Would joint currency be workable? What would be the outlook in everything from tax and pensions to North Sea oil, defence and foreign affairs? And in the event of a narrow defeat what pressure might there be for more devolution? Bill steers audiences through the uncertainties.


Bill Jamieson is the former Executive Editor of the Scotsman Newspaper where he had specific responsibility for the paper’s business and economics coverage having previously served as the paper’s Business Editor. He has gone on to found the Scot-Buzz website, a blog dedicated to Scottish business, economic analysis, and encouraging SMEs in the country.

Prior to joining The Scotsman, Bill was for seven years the Economics Editor of the Sunday Telegraph. He is also the economics columnist for Scotland on Sunday and a contributor to the Spectator Business magazine and City AM. He is a regular commentator on business and economics affairs for BBC Scotland.

Bill speaks on the domestic and global effects of changes in the economy and the financial markets. He is also a passionate advocate of the positive overall economic effects of championing entrepreneurialism and why regulation and risk aversion will damage this.

In addition to speaking and journalism, Bill is also the author of a number of books on economics and politics including
An Illustrated Guide to the British Economy and Scotland’s Ten Tomorrows: The Devolution Crisis.

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