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The economist and former Associate Editor of The Times speaks with insight on globalisation, Europe, politics and economics. Through his research company, he provides economic forecasting, consulting and analysis for financial institutions, multinationals and international organisations.


One of the the UK’s leading economic commentators, Anatole Kaletsky was Editor-at-large at The Times, and previously the paper’s Economics Editor. Named Newspaper Commentator of the Year in the BBC’s What the Papers Say Awards, Anatole has also won the Wincott prize from the Institute of Economic Affairs.

Born in Russia, Anatole took a first class degree in mathematics at Cambridge. He then moved to Harvard as a Kennedy Scholar and gained his Master’s in economics. Before joining The Times, Anatole wrote for The Economist and the Financial Times in a variety of posts, including New York bureau chief and Moscow correspondent. He has also worked for Reuters and The International Herald Tribune.

Aside from journalism, he is Chief Economist and Co-Chairman of Gavekal Dragonomics, a global consultancy focused on Chinese markets and economics. He has also served as Chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, an organisation founded to study the lessons in economic research from the 2008 financial crisis.

Anatole has served on the Governing Council of the Royal Economic Society and as a member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, the UK’s principal advisory body on ethical issues raised by new developments in medicine and biotechnology. He is the author of Capitalism 4.0: the birth of a new economy, an internationally acclaimed analysis of the post-crisis economic system.

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