Adrian Gilpin

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Chair, Institute of Human Development

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Adrian’s expertise is in peak performance coaching – equipping front line, middle and senior managers to steer their people through changes and uncertainty. He mixes a clear analysis with film clips and common sense to demonstrate what makes us perform at our best. Adrian argues that change need not take time. It can be implemented instantly when you realise it’s not change that we hate, but fear. He shows how to break through barriers, both real and self-made.


Adrian Gilpin is Chair of the Institute of Human Development, and an authority on peak performance coaching. He has designed and led some of the most effective and sustainable change programmes in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Adrian has also published Unstoppable – The Pathway to Living an Inspired Life. The hugely successful book challenges leaders of the future to unleash their vision and purpose.

In his Inspired Enterprise presentation, Adrian demonstrates that only when values, identity and purpose are properly aligned can organisations fully exploit the potential of their people. He mixes movie clips with common sense wisdom and a thorough analytical understanding of what makes human beings perform at their best.

Adrian runs workshops and speaks on conference platforms to boards, senior management teams and frontline employees. He challenges old models of leadership, offering practical alternatives for managing business change.

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