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Fabian works closely with decision makers across the European institutions. He is responsible for the EPC’s research on the digital single market, labour, health, energy and environment issues. He also considers the EU’s perfect storm, struggling to maintain its economic and social model, and with Eurosceptic parties looking to increase their support in many nations, taking encouragement from the UK’s exit.

Facebook's Marketing Director for six years, Randi helped to expand the social media giant from niche service to global network leading developments including Facebook Live. Particularly active in working to widen access to the digital world and STEM learning, her projects have run from children’s books to restaurant businesses to radio shows. She shares insights and real-world scenarios of how social media has changed the world, how to deal with it, and why inclusivity is vital to future success.

Mohsin's memoir A Dutiful Boy was described as utterly compelling and a book that will save lives. A former successful criminal barrister, his journey from an impoverished part of east London and a strict Muslim household encapsulates lessons and experiences in mental health, faith, social mobility, sexuality, and ultimately the power of hope and humanity to overcome seemingly impossible odds.

Director of Oxford University’s China Growth Centre, Dr Yueh is a regular media commentator on all the major economies and the global issues affecting them. She has advised the World Bank, the European Commission, the World Economic Forum, amongst others and has written a number of academic and popular economics books.

The politics graduate and first ever Pop Idol winner released the fastest selling debut single in UK chart history. He has since appeared on almost everything from Never Mind The Buzzcocks to Question Time, acted on big and small screens and on stage, and co-hosts the popular Homo Sapiens podcast.

Owain has worked as a BBC presenter for over fifteen years, and is the senior weather presenter for BBC North West Tonight. He found national and international fame when a video of him drumming along to the BBC News theme tune for Children in Need went viral.

Martine lost both legs in the 7/7 Circle Line bombing. She was last to be rescued. Trapped in debris for an hour, she’d lost 80% of her blood supply. Then came a year of rehabilitation during which she learned to walk again, with prosthetics. Yet she still sees herself as lucky: the Paralympics, secured the day before the bombings, gave her a new goal. She now has 40 GB caps in sitting volleyball. The ex-marketing manager addresses change, goal-setting and diversity.

The Apple co-founder chose not to stay with the business he and Steve Jobs established, instead focusing his energy on encouraging the next generation of technology entrepreneurs and innovators. Steve speaks about how he and Jobs made computers in a garage, the vision for home computing that they shared, and what will come next.

Michael is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. He is also Director of Foundational AI Research at The Alan Turing Institute. His work there involves developing the AI programme, with a focus on multi-agent systems. He has been an AI researcher for over thirty years, and is the author of The Ladybird Expert Guide to AI.

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