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In the long roll call of British eccentrics, Tim’s record speaks for itself. He is the first man to row across the Channel in a bath, and the farthest to run across the La Mancha plain in armour. He has also replicated ten of history’s greatest bets for Radio 4 in The Gambler, including a spot of cheese throwing.


Tim FitzHigham became a world record holder when he crossed the English Channel in a Crapper bathtub. Rowing single-handedly, he left the coast of France at 4am and arrived at Folkestone at 1pm that afternoon. He then continued the journey through Kent to Tower Bridge, tackling the final 120 miles with a broken shoulder.

To celebrate this feat of seamanship, Thomas Crapper & Co named a loo named after him - the first commemorative lavatory since Queen Victoria's Jubilee. In a similarly generous gesture Tim has published In The Bath, a handy guide to those considering following in his footsteps.

Describing himself as a ‘shenaniganist’, Tim stands out loud and proud in the roll call of British eccentrics. He broke a 383 year old maritime record by rowing a boat made entirely of paper 160 miles along the Thames; and he has run the longest distance in a suit of armour - across the desert plains of La Mancha in Spain.

As well as enthralling audiences with tales of his derring-do and admittedly pointless exploits, Tim has joined forces with Duncan Walsh Atkins to provide An Evening with Flanders and Swann: At the Drop of a Hippopotamus. He has also presented Super Human Challenge on CBBC, and recreated famous bets from history on Radio 4’s The Gambler.

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