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University of Chicago

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Aside from sitting on boards in London and Paris, chairing a Moscow IT company and writing on the Middle East, Marvin teaches international political economy - at a time when business most needs to read the signals and understand potential sources of instability around the world.


Marvin Zonis lectures at Chicago University on leadership and international political economy. As concern grows over everything from energy resources to fundamentalism, he examines the key indicators and offers a compelling and immensely well informed overview for business.

Professor Zonis helps corporations and asset management firms identify, assess and manage risks. He also chairs a software development company in Moscow and sits on the boards of the Fondation des Etats Unis in Paris and the Centre for Business Management in London.

A friend and former colleague of Barack Obama, Zonis believes the economic downturn will have lasting impact - though any business led with clarity will continue to see opportunities for growth. On the geo-political stage, he sees Mrs Merkel increasingly calling the shots in Europe, US trade imbalances with China worsening and capital flowing out of Russia - but Indonesia emerging as a highly significant economy.

Marvin has written extensively on Russia, the Middle East and the oil industry. He has also lived in Iran and spent several years studying Islam, and is perfectly placed to interpret and explain the tensions sweeping through much of the Arab region. His books include The Kimchi Matters: Global Business and Local Politics in a Crisis Driven World.

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