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CEO, GDR Creative Intelligence

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Kate is a retail futurist, delivering compelling analyses on the key shifts in consumer expectations, products and brands – all of which are transforming as a result of economic and social change and the technology revolution. Her findings show where to innovate and invest resources, and how to adapt using technology. In speeches, Kate takes a cross sector, global view of innovation and explores the interaction between brand and consumer, both online and offline.


Kate Ancketill is one of the world’s top trend forecasters for retailers, retail and product brands. Immersed in global innovations, Kate’s work provides confidence to senior business decision-makers about where to innovate, adapt and invest resources.

Kate worked for Amnesty International for seven years, in research and policy writing, before founding GDR Creative Intelligence. She steered the company’s work towards research into innovation in design, experiential marketing, technology, digital, packaging and service within the brand, retail and hospitality sectors. To spot these trends early, and forecast the next big shift, they tap into an extensive network of thousands of the world’s most inspirational designers, architects, technologists, academics and strategists for source material.

On the speaking platform, Kate covers everything from the fall and rise of the high street and what can be learned from China, to the impact of AI on customer experience, as well as the success of digitally native brands. She looks at the big innovations that will shape retail in the future and uses her analyses to advise a number of large corporations such as P&G, Microsoft, Samsung, LVMH, Waitrose and Tesco.

In addition to the publication of quarterly Global Innovation Reports, GDR Creative Intelligence undertakes custom research and consults on mid-term (five year) future scenarios. Kate has also been named as one of the top 100 in the Courvoisier Future 500.


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