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Author, The Laundrymen

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Jeffrey has been hailed by bankers as the world’s most important financial crime journalist. His latest book reveals ‘the naked truth’ about Bitcoin. With trademark New York humour, Jeffrey shows we can learn from organised crime. He might also confess to ghost writing a novel for Donald Trump.


The British Bankers' Association have described Jeffrey Robinson as ‘the world’s most important financial crime journalist.’ A New Yorker, his books include The Laundrymen, a shocking insight into the money laundering racket, and The Risk Takers: the money, ego and power of Britain’s high-flying entrepreneurs.

Jeffrey served for four years in the US Air Force before taking up residence in a tiny village in the south of France. He then ‘vagabonded’ around the world writing pieces for American papers and magazines including the Washington Post, Reader’s Digest and Playboy covering everything from hard-hitting exposés to celebrity interviews.

Now an acclaimed authority on fraud and financial crime, Jeffrey’s books include BitCon: The Naked Truth About Bitcoin looking at the dangers of the new world of online currencies, The Sink: How the Real World Works - Terror, Crime and Dirty Money examining the world where the funding of terrorism, organised crime and legitimate business collide, and There's a Sucker Born Every Minute: A Revelation of Audacious Frauds, Scams, and Cons - How to Spot Them, How to Stop Them looking at the big and the little scams from identity fraud to the famous Nigerian email requests.

Jeffrey has also written several acclaimed biographies. Yamani is the inside story of Saudi Arabia’s former oil minister; Bardot - Two Lives is the first account ever to be written with the cooperation of the French sex-icon. More recently he co-authored Ronnie Wood’s autobiography.

Alongside tales of the rich and famous, Jeffrey’s speeches cover the best and worst of customer service, and the characteristics shared by all risk-takers. He also reflects on how legitimate business has a lot to learn from international criminal organisations.

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Money laundering might not normally rate high as a source of entertainment, but Jeffrey's revelations about the more murky corners of the business world are absolutely gripping. With his New York comic’s delivery, he has audiences in the palm of his hand with every "You're not going to believe this…" story. JLA Agent Siobhan Jackman

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