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Described as ‘an old-fashioned comic years ahead of his time,’ Harry scored huge ratings with TV Burp and is one of the country’s most popular comic performers.


Harry Hill’s TV Burp has become one of ITV’s biggest hits, attracting over seven million viewers. It comes complete with animal noises, studio fights and unorthodox guest performances, and has scooped two BAFTA awards.

After giving up medicine and briefly teaming up with Alistair McGowan, Harry’s career began in earnest when he won the Perrier for Best Newcomer, which was allegedly created especially for him.

His early radio series transferred to television as Harry Hill’s Fruit Fancies, followed by The Harry Hill Show and eventually The All New Harry Hill Show. You’ve Been Framed is one of few credits which doesn’t use his name in the title.

Outside his own vehicles, Harry has made numerous appearances on The David Letterman Show. Unsurprisingly, as Male Spectacle Wearer of the Year, he was first choice to present The Opticians Awards. He has also been known to sing lead vocals with The Caterers, covering everyone from Eminem to Morrissey and on a vaguely related note he co-wrote the X Factor musical, I Can’t Sing.

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