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JLA was founded in 1990 and is now the biggest specialist agency in the country – described by the Financial Times as “The UK’s leading speaker bureau.” We provide conference, motivational and after dinner speakers, presenters, awards hosts and performers for over 2000 corporate and public sector events each year, across Britain and continental Europe.

After dinner speakers are often the highlight of an event, when PowerPoint gives way to insights and tales from the outside world. The purpose of all after dinner speakers should be to entertain guests – even if they’re talking about the state of the economy, customer service or a future shaped by self-driving cars. But what marks out the best after dinner speakers is their ability to let you in on secrets, revealing something new about someone or something very familiar.
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Back in 2003 the nation held its collective breath as Clive’s men fulfilled their promise and clinched the Rugby World Cup. He has now helped elite athletes achieve unprecedented success and has launched a new app to capture knowledge on any subject. In presentations and workshops Clive demonstrates the power of collaborative leadership – and how to create a winning mindset. He also unpicks the DNA of a champion, which goes way beyond talent.

As a keen teenage swimmer Marc was distraught to be diagnosed with cancer. He lost his lower leg, but within months he was swimming faster than before. He went on to win four golds over five Paralympics. Marc has now published Beyond The Call, exploring how fairness, trust, empowerment and self-sacrifice all combine to produce extra, ‘discretionary’ effort. In speeches he shows what happens by focusing on those things that are under your control.

After serving as a Captain in the Parachute Regiment, Lev took his experience of challenging and dangerous environments to become a photojournalist and leader of expeditions. His love of Africa led him to undertake a one-man trek along the length of the Nile where he learned how communities survive in the harshest of climates. He then took on the Himalayas, Central and South America, and the route from Russian to Iran. He considers the lessons both personal and witnessed, in motivation, survival, and the nature of risk.

Robert is an expert in fertility, a leading voice in the genetic engineering debate and a natural presenter. In Bad Ideas? he examined how all human progress from farming to medicine to urban living has made us more vulnerable. He’s now working on an app to help new parents care for their babies. Robert takes on big moral and practical questions. Can we look to technology to solve problems it has created? Where does genetics stop? Is it wrong to play God?

The Political Editor of the Sunday Times, began her journey at the heart of Westminster as a regional correspondent, hearing first hand from senior politicians and leading business figures. As well as her role as editor, Caroline is a frequent political commentator on TV and radio. Her investigative journalism exposed the contaminated blood scandal in the NHS and the unfair working conditions for fast-fashion textile workers in the UK. 

Before he joined the Today programme Justin was the BBC’s first North America Editor. He also writes about the USA for the Times and keeps an eye on events there:  in his speeches on US affairs, he ranges from Joe Biden’s administration back through Trump to Obama, who he interviewed during his time on the election trail. He talks about leadership and leaders in the UK and US, with stories from behind the scenes at Today and in the corridors of power. 


Rated as one of the best referees in the world, Howard Webb has officiated at the highest levels of football becoming the first referee to oversee both the finals of the UEFA Champions’ League and FIFA World Cup in the same year. He speaks about the pressures of dealing with the scrutiny and split-second decision-making involved in the modern game, as well as the motivation, teamwork and communication skills required to reach the top.

Kirsty’s TV presenting credits extend from hard news and arts review to a food quiz and documentaries on womanhood and what makes modern Scotland. She’s come close to the Celebrity MasterChef title, has appeared on Have I Got News For You, and is one of Scotland’s leading independent programme makers.


Terry spent 1760 days in captivity in Beirut. Twenty years later he has travelled back to meet his jihadist captors. With spirit and humour intact, Terry shows that hardship can often be a source of strength; he also recalls how one guard unwittingly gave him a copy of The Great Escape.

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