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JLA is the UK's biggest specialist agency for keynote, motivational speakers and after dinner speakers, conference presenters, awards hosts and cabaret for corporate, industry and public sector events.


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How would you describe the audience in terms of seniority, age range, geography and gender?

What is their relationship to the host organisation?

What is the primary objective in booking a guest speaker or performer?

Is it to inspire, inform or entertain?

Is it to attract an audience?

Who will make the final decision on speaker, presenter or entertainer - and on what basis?

Is it necessary to book a well known name to achieve the required impact, or is relevant experience and good word-of-mouth more important than profile?

With keynote speakers, would delegates expect a broad overview or an industry-specific insight?

Would Q&A be a possible alternative to a platform speech?

With motivational speakers, would delegates respond best to an entrepreneur, a sporting figure or coach, a pioneer or an adventurer who has risked life and limb?

Is the nationality of the speaker or presenter significant?

Who has spoken at this, comparable or competitor events in the past?

Is the conference presenter’s role confined to linking (introducing speakers and‘housekeeping’) or does it extend to in-depth interviews and moderating debates?

Will the presenter’s contributions be fully or partially scripted, or will he/she be asked to write their own material based on a briefing and background information provided?

Is it more appropriate to have the authority of a news presenter to host a particular awards ceremony, or a comedian-turned-presenter who brings entertainment value?

Is an after dinner speaker performing from the table more appropriate for the audience and venue than a stand-up comedian performing onstage?

Where events are to be staged in the round or in a space with restricted views, what bearing might this have on the choice of presenter or entertainment?

"Thanks to your ability to match presenter with audience (and the fantastic relationship you have with your speakers), the client was ecstatic" - Producer, for Aviva